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"Background," The Atlantic, January 2023

On March Eighth at 10:00 AM, Daiso Opened in Flushing," AAWW's The Margins, November 2022, Pushcart Nominated

"The 100% Silicone Vibrating Ass & Pussy Speaks," LARB Quarterly Journal, Do You Love Me? issue, August 2022

"Interlude," Guernica, March 2022

Disorientation excerpt, LitHub, March 2022

"In Which Ms. Swan Suffers Clarity," Black Warrior Review, Issue 47.2, Flash Fiction Contest 2020 Winner, September 2021, Pushcart Nominated

"After the Diversity Panel," Catapult, July 2021

"Skinfolk," Ploughshares, Winter 2020-2021 issue, January 2021, Pushcart Award Winning Story, Best American Short Stories 2022 Distinguished Story

"Parachute Kids," The Adroit Journal, March 2020, Pushcart Nominated

"On August Eighteenth at 10:30 PM, Annie Otsuka Watched Her First Japanese Animated Film," Tin House Online, September 2019

"Carrot Legs," Guernica, September 2019

"A Beast Needs to Hunt and I Must Be Caught," Black Warrior Review, The Fox Boyfriend online issue, July 2019

"A Woman Without Origin," The Normal School, November 2018

"Careless," Cease, Cows, September 2018, nominated for Best Microfiction Anthology 2018


"You Know What I Say About Men Who **** Asian Women?" Vanity Fair, June 2022

"What White Men Say In Our Absence," The Cut, March 2022, The Cut's 20 Most-Read Stories in 2022
*Read the Japanese translation here


"Acceptable Book Cover Subjects for Books Written by East Asian Women Authors," McSweeney's Internet Tendency, March 2023

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